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A white paper is a document that provides information on a specific topic or problem and presents a solution or approach to it.It is often used in business, politics, and technology to provide a detailed analysis of a subject and explain the benefits of a particular product,service,or policy.White papers are often used to inform and persuade decision makers, and may include data, research, and other evidence to support the proposed solution or approach.They can be found in various fields like government, corporate, technical, etc. They can be in the form of reports, brochures, or articles. So our fresh whitepaper for the pi4ur is under the below.

Pi Tokens:

A pi token is a sequence of characters in a text that are grouped together as a single unit of meaning. In natural language processing, pi tokens are typically words or punctuation marks that are use to identify the structure and meaning of a sentence or text. pi token can also be used to refer to digital tokens, which are a representation of a digital asset or utility that can be traded or exchanged. These digital pi tokens can be used for various purposes such as representing a digital currency, a tokenized asset or access to a specific service.


NFT stands for “non- fungible token”. It is a type of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item, such as an artwork or collectible. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions in a secure and transparent way. This makes its possible for the ownership and authenticity of an NFT to be verified, and for the item to be bought, sold or traded like a physical asset. NFTs have become popular in the art world, where they are used to sell digital artwork and other digital collectibles.


An NFT (non- fungible token) project is a project that utilized blockchain technology to create digital assets that are unique and can’t be replicated or exchanged for an equivalent item. These assets can include digital artwork, videos, music and other forms of media. NFTs are bought and sold on blockchain market places using cryptocurrency, such as ethereum. The ownership and authenticity of the asset can be verified using the blockchain ledger, making it a secure and transparent method for buying and selling digital asset. NFTs have gained popularity in the art world as a way for digital artist to sell their work and for collectors to own one of a kind pieces.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) : 

Defi (short for “decentralized finance”) refers to financial systems built on blockchain technology that allow for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a central intermediary. This includes things like lending, borrowing, and trading of assets. Defi aims to create a more open and accessible financial system, and to give individuals more control over their own financial data and assets.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a movement that aims to create financial services that are open to everyone, regardless of location or background, and that are built on top of open, decentralized networks like the Ethereum blockchain. DeFi projects typically involve creating decentralized versions of traditional financial services, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, using smart contracts and other blockchain-based technologies. These projects aim to provide greater accessibility, transparency, and security than traditional financial services, while also enabling new forms of financial innovation.

Token swap : 

A token swap is the process of exchanging one cryptocurrency token for another. This can happen on a blockchain network when a new version of a token is created and the old version is replaced with the new one. Token swaps are also commonly used in initial coin offerings (ICOs) or other fundraising events, where investors exchange their existing cryptocurrency for the newly created tokens. In some cases, token swaps can also be used to exchange tokens from one blockchain platform to another.

Crypto currency exchange : 

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where users can buy, sell, and trade different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These exchanges typically operate online and allow users to trade using fiat currency (e.g. USD, EUR) or other cryptocurrencies. Some examples of popular cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

Crypto payment gateway : 

A crypto payment gateway is a service that allows merchants to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as convert them into a fiat currency, such as US dollars, for a fee. The payment gateway acts as a mediator between the customer and the merchant, facilitating the transaction and ensuring that the funds are properly transferred. Some examples of crypto payment gateways include BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, and CoinPayments.net.

Decentralized wallet : 

A decentralized wallet, also known as a non-custodial wallet, is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where the user holds their own private keys. This means that the user has full control over their funds, and no third party, such as an exchange, has access to them. Decentralized wallets can be in the form of software or hardware and are often used to store and manage various types of digital assets, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Initial coin offering : 

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. These tokens are similar to shares of a company sold to investors in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) transaction. However, unlike IPOs, the ownership of the token does not provide any ownership or control in the company. The tokens are intended to be used within the ecosystem of the particular project. ICOs have become a popular way for startups to raise money without the need for traditional venture capital or banking institutions. However, they have also been used to fraudulently raise money, so they are generally considered high-risk investments.

Trading bot : 

A trading bot is a computer program that uses algorithms to analyze market data and make trades automatically. These bots can be programmed to follow a set of predefined rules, such as technical indicators or sentiment analysis, to make trading decisions. Some trading bots also use machine learning to improve their decision-making abilities over time. Trading bots can be used for a variety of financial instruments, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex. They can be programmed to trade based on specific strategies, such as scalping, swing trading, or news-based trading.

Blockchain Project : 

A blockchain project is a digital ledger system that uses cryptography to secure and validate transactions on a decentralized network. Blockchain technology, which was first developed as the underlying technology for the digital currency Bitcoin, has since been used for a wide variety of applications, including supply chain management, voting systems, and digital identities. The most well-known application of blockchain technology is in the creation of digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, but it can also be used to create decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Cultural Events :

Cultural events are events which are related to music, arts or other similar program. It connects the people to his culture. Cultural events help to develop a society, as its helps to express one’s talent by some curriculum. Therefore we will arrange functional events every year with a vast program for connecting people to our curriculum. We will celebrate the events for seven days with some special program for attracting surroundings. In that program we will hire some motivational speakers for business purpose, some ideal successful persons for there background story, some cultural person as dancers, singers, jokers etc.

Hence we will arrange the events for seven days to motivate the people and support to become selfdepondet.

Job Opportunity :

Job is a backbone for a person and getting opportunity is a way to live. Now a days literate person increasing in this world , but job is not available in our surroundings. Therefore, pi4ur will help to become a selfdepondent for forwarding his life according to his choice. Every year our company will arrange a job MELA for jobless eligible person with some terms and conditions. 

The terms and conditions are as follows —

  1. Candidate should be a Indian citizen.
  2. Candidate should not be include in any major crimes that is considered as govt.
  3. Minimum qualification should be graduated from any category.
  4. Candidate should have computer or internet knowledge.
  5. candidate”s character should be attractable by the people.
  6. Age should be between 18 to 35.

Road Map : 


a.Airdrops and pre sale: We have taken 5% as airdrops and 30% as pre sale.

b.Website re- design: Our website will be modified of current website.

c.App launch: Our company will launch an own app shortly, named as pi4ur app.

d.Pi4ur token listing in decentralized exchange: Our pi4ur token will list in top decentralized exchanges.

e.Social media: We are available in any social media, e.i- twitter,telegram,facebook, instagram,linkedin,discord,reddit,medium etc.

f.Pi4ur token auditing: We will audit pi4ur token through the best platform.


a. Marketing/Package Managing : We will market our pi4ur token in both online and offline market. Our team will arrange package managing in needed.

b. Pink sale : Our pi4ur token can buy  through pink sale platform.

c. Game launch : Our company will launch very popular game like as- free fire, casino and rummy etc

d. Coinmarketcap listing/ Coingecko listing : Pi4ur token will be available in these platform for trust buildness and how can performance our pi4ur tokens.

e. Exchanger listing : Our pi4ur token will be available in the best exchanger and it will be notified in time to time through various social media and our site.

f. Token burning events: Our pi4ur token will burn in every events which is mentioned in road map.


a. Blockchain launching : Pi4ur company will be an owner of a blockchain and other creator can involve in that blockchain with a minimum charge(almost zero)  in case of listing their tokens or any other.

b. Launchpad : Pi4ur  company will be also an owner of launchpad and other creator can join in this platform for their business  purposes with a minimum charges.

c.Exchanger launch : Pi4ur company will launch a own centralized exchanger that will be very easy to use for customer with a minimum trading fees.

d. NFT Launch : Pi4ur company will launch an own NFT which  customer can buy or sale according to their management. 

e. Website re design : Our company’s website will re design time to time according to road map.

f. Social Network App Launch : Pi4ur company will launch various social network app for public’s uses.like as jivanshathi.com, matromony.com, facebook, instagram etc. 


a. Web 3 Pi4ur wallet launch : For the privacy and secure of the customers pi4ur company will launch an own decentralized wallet to use and save  their property as store. 

b. NFT Market Place : Pi4ur company will launch a market for NFT . Customer can sale their NFT in this market.

c.Hosting provide : For public who wants to built up their hosting, our company will provide a site for hosting, like as godaddy,hostinger, cloudfire etc.

d. Short Video App Launch : We will launch various app for public such as tiktok snapshote vigolive etc.

e. Auditing plane launch : Our pi4ur company will provide a platform for auditing some new upcoming generation so that they can verify  their project in our platform.

f. Pi4ur A .I. Launch : We will launch A I facilities for public networking . By this facilities any body can design any website or other site within few moments.  


 a.Top exchanges listing: We will list our pi4ur coin in top  exchangers in the world.

b. Crypto expo events : Every year our company will arrange an expo related to our coin market. In that expo customers can share their experience or working management related to our company.

c.Lottery : Pi4ur company will arrange a lottery among the best users with some terms and conditions. In that lottery top ten users will be rewarded respectively.

d. Donation for needed person: pi4ur company will donate 7% crypto from profit to the person who is included poor students, poor patients etc.

e. Website launch for donation : Our company will launch a website for donations. Through that app people can donate for affected area or person as social server.

f. Cryptography : Cryptography service will be available in our company. By this service customer can text to the receiver for their transanctions status.


a. Web 3 de-centralized exchanger launch : De- centralized exchanger will be available in our company. Customers can make buy and sale their project according to his choice with zero fees.

b. Product launching : Our company will launch various kinds of products for customers. They can buy  products through our e-commerce site.

c. E- Commerce site launch : Pi4ur company will launch an own e- commerce site for shopping. Like as amazon, flipkart etc.

d. Cultural Events : Our company will held an events as cultural events. In that events we will hire some motivational speakers, some successful persons for their background success story in every year.

e.Intensive job rules : Pi4ur company will offer some jobs to the eligible person with some terms and conditions according to road map.

f. Carrier opportunity : Many eligible youth of the world will get a chance to make their carrier best in our company as we will increase vacancy in our surroundings.


UPCOMING SOON( for public)